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What You Get...

1) Color Wall Certificate

Wall Certificates will print in 8x10 or 11x14 photo size. Below are currently available Photo Certificate background image choices:

Click HERE for our Certificate Samples other design choices

2) Certificate

These wall certificates are designed to print in a standard 8 1/2" by 11" document format. Both certificates and the map can be printed on a standard color printer, or you can save them to a flash drive to have printed at a copy center.


3) Map of Your Lot (or Parcel)

This map is your official lot and parcel record. The area (map or photo) on the left is the general area where your parcel and lot is located. Parcels are created in 100 lot sections 10 lots by 10 lots or 25 miles by 25 miles, each lot is 2.5 x 2.5 miles (6.25 square miles or 4000 acres). Maps are generated from data made available Courtesy of NASA and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). This data may be available in the form of topographical maps or scale photographs of the area. All mapping data is approximate and your actual lot will depend on final survey and staking out when this becomes available


These two certificates and map are a
downloadable package that you print yourself!

4) Access to Database

The UMLR database has hundreds of files dealing with off world mining and minerals and is updated constantly. Along with our partners we cover the topic from the scientific side to the conspiracy side and toss in a little black ops to keep it interesting. Do NOT expect to find any classified secrets here, but many working with us are in the 'need to know' category and as such we can share the latest news that, while technically in public domain and declassified, it is not necessarily broadcast and easy to find without knowing what to look for. Some of it is 'old news' but will still surprise many.

What to Do...

1) Chose a lot from one of our Pre-selected Regions

Since most people would not really know which spot would be a good spot we have pre-selected several locations for you to chose a lot on. These locations would be considered prime lots based on the most current information available from NASA, USGS and other sources. New discoveries are being made all the time and we strive to update this information. Purchase buttons will be availbale on each pre-selected map

Pre-selected Regions Maps

2) Chose a lot from any one of our Completed Maps

You have the option to pick from any of our completed maps if you are interested in regions, moons or planets not currently available in the pre-selected regions. Simply click on the "PAY NOW" button below and fill in the LOCATION you want (Ie, Mars, Titan, etc); the NAME you want on the Certificates (yourself or as a gift) and the LOT NUMBER. Please double check the lot number before submitting.  For multiple lots just contact us HERE  For these orders please allow 2 weeks processing time as we have to generate the specific maps

Visit our Main Menu and Peruse the Lots Available

When you locate the Planet or Moon for which you wish to purchase a lease, you will find a grid map (or grid on photo if no map is available) with a parcel number.  Clicking on that map generates a PDF file showing detailed lot numbers. Simply copy your chosen lot number into the order form below to continue the purchasing process.

If you are unable to  load a PDF, as some areas are much larger than others, use the form below and we can produce a map segment of only the area for which you are interested.

Please allow 2-3 Weeks for processing this order. Sold lots will be updated as fast as possible, but in the event two people purchase the same lot, it will be on a 'first come first served" basis. These claims need to be processed by hand, so please bear that in mind. You can check for availability (that would put a hold on that lot) or select alternate choices. If there is any conflict we will notify you immediately. (This will be updated shortly)

3) Purchase Your Lot (or Parcel)

Note: If you want more than one lot, you will have to purchase each one separately. You may however use the contact form to give us a list of lots you wish to purchase and we can send you an invoice. Just make sure we have a valid email on file. There will be a shopping cart available soon that will facilitate this process

Lots are limited to a maximum of 100 lots per person (One Parcel) This is to allow everyone a chance to purchase leases and stop huge takeovers of prime regions

A LOT (single Lease) is 2.5 miles by 2.5 miles square. This is 6.25 square miles (4000 acres)
Cost is 19.95 per lot(lease)

A PARCEL is one block 25 miles by 25 miles, 10 x 10 (100) lots. This is 625
square miles (400,000 acres)
Cost is $1,500.00 per parcel(100 leases)(a 15% reduction). These will be available on the pre-selected regions or by order.

Premium Lots
: These are lots on very special areas and will be offered from time to time
Premium Lots: Cost $49.95

Type of Lot
Name Wanted on Certificate

4) Subscribe to our Mailing List

Below is a mailing list/contact form. Subscribing to the list will ensure that you get updates on upcoming lot offers and other relevant information. UMLR does not sell or distribute the mailing list outside of our direct Partners.

Use this form also for any requests or complaints, or general

  Universal Mineral Leases Registry Mailing List

  This list will keep you updated about future offerings and new information. We do not sell or share this list outside of our direct partners
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