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  • Venus
    • SOL02-01 - Meshkenet Tessera Region
    • SOL02-01 -

Articles of Interest Related to Off World Mining, Minerals and Exploration
Planetary Mineral Discoveries

Publications and General Information

Reserved Areas
    1. Olympus Park; 141.1°W - 124.9°W; 26.5°N-10.5°N
    2. Marineris Park; 101.5°W - 19.5°W; 4.0°N-28.0°S
    3. Historical Park; 58.0°W - 33.0°W; 30.0°N-10.0°N
    4. Desert Park; -46.0° (314°)W - -84.0°(276°)W; 29.0°N - 9.0°S
    5. Hellas Park; -44.5° (315.5°)W - -84.5°(275.5°)W; 25.5°S - 55.5°S
    6. Southern Park; 50.2°W - -24.2°(335.8°)W; 0.5°S - 82.5°S
    7. North Polar Park; 50.3°W - -50.3°(309.7°)W; 90°N - 83.0°N
    8. South Polar Park; 50.3°W - -50.3°(309.7°)W; 84°S - 90.0°S
    9. Inca City Region: -81.466°,296.297°, Area ~ 120km - Joe Resnick et al
    10. Cydonia Region: 40.74°N 9.46°W, Area ~ 120km - Joe Resnick et al
  • Lunar Protected Zones
  1. Moon (Lunar) Park - Apollo 11 Landing Site Preserve - World Heritage Site; Mare Tranquillitatis - Sea of Tranquility; -21.1°E - 25.8°E; 2.7°N - 1.3°S
  2. Future Lunar Based Observatory Site Protected - by Guy Cramer -  Moon - Protected Icarus Region (Dark Side Observatory Park); 170.0°E - 190.0°E; 10.0°N - 10.0°S
  3. Pegasus Research Consortium Team Holdings
    1. Aristarchus Plateau: 23.7°N 47.4°W, Area ~ 220 km; - Pegasus Research Consortium
    2. Copernicus Crater: 9.7°N 20.0°W, Area ~ 93 km; - Pegasus Research Consortium
    3. Tsiolkovsky Crater: 20.4°S 129.1°E, Area ~ 180 km; - John Lear
  4. Lunar magnetic Anomaly Regions
    1. Mare Ingenii Region: Magnetic Anomaly; 33° 42′ 0″ S, 163° 30′ 0″ E, Area ~ 318 km - Farside - Reserved for Scientific Study
    2. Reiner Gamma Region: Magnetic Anomaly; 7.5°N, 59.0°W, Area ~ 70 km - Near Side - Reserved for Scientific Study


Earth Based Geology of Interest, Rocks and Mineral
This section will contain articles about unusual geological sites of interest as well as photos and information on some fantastic mineral and crystal finds. It will also include links to our minerals and gems that are available to purchase as they become available

Space Sciences

Articles presented here are ones we find of interest. We have no intention of duplicating all the space articles on the web but from time to time interesting new discoveries are worth posting.

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