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The owner of the mineral rights to a designated parcel
has the sole authority to dispose of, or cause to be
disposed of through assignment of Licenses, all of the minerals found on the surface or under the surface on
any parcel controlled under terms of a "Perpetual"
Universal Mineral Lease Instrument.




Protected Sites On The Moon and Mars:




Mineral Leases are not available in these protected areas

Lots will be offered by Region as the Maps are laid out.
Requests for specific areas will be considered. Contact us if you are interested in an area that is not currently listed or on a restricted or reserved list

Some minerals and gasses, can be worth millions and billions of dollars.

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In the Summer of 1969 a young man known to his friends as, Joey Resnick, waited in anticipation with his friends, Tommy Graff and Stevie Trulik, while they watched on the neighborhood's 'first color TV set' as Neil Armstrong made Man's first footprints on the surface of the Moon.  The trio watched eagerly as Armstrong dismounted the Eagle Lunar Lander (LEM) and they celebrated with cheers and shouts when Cmdr. Armstrong made that iconic statement: "One small step for a man; One giant leap for Mankind".

From that very moment in the summer of 1969 Joe Resnick determined that some day he would 'do something great' that would involve the Earth's Moon.  And he has done that.  Joe (now, Dr. Joseph A Resnick, Professor Emeritus Senior Research Fellow) went on to collaborate with NASA in a number of projects directly related to the US Space Program.  Those efforts resulted in a display of seven (7) of his inventions featured at Kennedy Space Center's Galaxy Arcade where these were placed on exhibition (from 1985-1996) next to one of the Moon Rocks that the crew of Apollo 11 brought back to the earth.

In 1967 the first of five (5) Space Treaties was signed, when Joe was just 14 years of age.  In late 1969, shortly after Apollo 11 had landed at Tranquility Base on Earth's moon, a copy of the (first) treaty became available in the public library in Tarentum, PA, a town close to where young Resnick lived.  Subsequently, Resnick obtained a copy and read the Treaty, cover-to-cover. Later that year (1969) Joe, claimed ownership of the Earth's Moon and all celestial bodies, in letters he sent to The United Nations and to the World Court (The Hague, The Netherlands). See the first Treaty at this URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outer_Space_Treaty .

After reading and re-reading the Treaty many times Resnick sought counsel and advice from his friend and Mentor, Dr. (Maj.) Richard Warren Heinemann (2nd in command of Gen. Patton's Field Army Hospital in Europe, commanded by Dr. Heimel Fishkin ) as Resnick stated to Dr. Heinemann that he felt that the Treaty 'didn't sound right'.   Young Resnick had high respect and admiration for Dr. Heinemann.  Dr. Heinemann taught young Resnick how to fly airplanes and the two frequently engaged in long discussions about medicine, anatomy, physiology and the science of navigation.  Dr. Heinemann was Resnick's inspiration in Resnick's claiming 'ownership of all celestial bodies'.  Dr. Heinemann, himself a learned scholar and Aerospace enthusiast, was quick to point-out to young Resnick that "the 'Treaty' only applied to the Signatories...and not 'Individuals' ".   Based on that interpretation young Resnick stated that he intended to claim ownership of all celestial bodies in the known Universe. Dr. Heinemann supported his idea and determination and encouraged young Resnick as to what he needed to do, how to go about it and who he needed to 'put on Notice'.  Thus, the idea and business model enabling Resnick to "claim ownership of the Moon, and all celestial bodies and minerals contained thereupon, being and lying beyond the 3rd Planet from the Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy", was born (1969).

Resnick posited the claim(s) to the United Nations and to the World Court in January 1970
.  In the time that has since passed (now, longer than 40 years) Resnick never received any response from any of those bodies...and his 'Claim' has stood, undisputed for more than 40 Years (actually, 44 years and 9 months).  In 'legalese', if someone were to dispute Resnick's 'Claim(s)', today, he could envoke what is called, 'The Doctrine of Estopple'.  What that means (under English Common Law), is that the Claim has stood for so long, uncontested, that for 42 years and a few months and several days...the person bringing the challenge/dispute, should have, or could have, prior to the passage of so much time, contested the Claim, and it was not contested. Therefore, under English Common Law, and US Constitutional Law, as well as the Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC 1-207, Inclusive'), the challenge would be 'dismissed' out of necessity, in Law and Fact, by the Judge. However, even before that would happen (i.e., the case being dismissed), the case could not be 'brought', as no Court on this Planet has 'Jurisdiction', per codicils in the original Space Treaty, which is properly termed, "Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies".  Therein lies the 'Loop Hole'!  No entity Party to that Treaty, can sue the other Parties, and all Parties have agreed, by International Treaty, that none of the Parties own any 'real estate', nor celestial bodies, outside of their respective Sovereign, State or Territorial Boundaries.  Thus, Joseph Resnick's Claim to Stated and Implied Ownership stands, Undisputed, in Law and in Fact to this very day.


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