Europa ~ Moon of Jupiter

Courtesy: NASA

Europa Topographic Map

Europa is an Ice World. It appears that Europa is a giant ball of water with a thick crust of ice. So a topography map of Europa would be continuously changing. However we include this Ice World in our list... Never know when WATER RIGHTS might become an issue 

Credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech
Based on new evidence from Jupiter's moon Europa, astronomers hypothesize that chloride salts bubble up from the icy moon's global liquid ocean and reach the frozen surface where they are bombarded with sulfur from volcanoes on Jupiter's moon Io. Click on image for full size.

Europa Available Lot Map

PARCEL: SOL05B-01-0101-000000-W-GRID

With Grid
Without Grid

Region History

Credit: NASA/JPL/Ted Stryk
Under a thick crust of ice, Europa might have an ocean warmed by tidal interactions with Jupiter. This tidal flexing could also produce a geologically active core that might in turn create hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor.

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