Introducing the Dom Pedro Aquamarine
The one gem that can rival the Hope Diamond is finally
on display at the Natural History Museum

The largest piece of the original crystal mined in Pedra Azul, Minas Gerais, Brazil was approximately two feet in length and weighed almost 60 pounds. Photo courtesy of Bernd Munsteiner.

Credit: greyloch @ flickr Dom Pedro Aquamarine 1
This was the one thing I wanted to see on my visit to the Museum of Natural History, the Dom Pedro Aquamarine. I have to say that this one took my breath away as it was gorgeous!!! Yes, this is one solid piece of aquamarine. Check out the link to find out its history. I'm seriously looking for a small reproduction of this to wear it as a pendant. Aquamarine is one of my birthstones

March Birthstone Spotlight: Dom Pedro Aquamarine
Jewelry Insider "Spreading the word on gems and diamonds" March 9, 2014

The Dom Pedro was cut from part of a meter-long, 45kg aquamarine crystal that was discovered in the 1980’s in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. While in transportation, the crystal actually fractured into three separate pieces. The two smaller pieces were eventually cut into many smaller gemstones, but the largest was kept intact as it embodied an exquisite greenish-blue hue and amazing clarity. This largest piece was sold to none other than legendary gem-cutter Bernd Munsteiner, known as the “Father of the Fantasy Cut” and “the Picasso of Gems”.

According to the Smithsonian, the first time that he laid eyes on the gem he proclaimed that it was love at first sight!

Munsteiner spent over four months studying the rough and making hundreds of sketches before he settled on the aquamarine’s dom pedro munsteinerfinal pattern. It was to be his most famous “fantasy cut” gem, a cutting technique where negative cuts are faceted into the back of a gemstone to reflect the light within.

During the six months it took to hand cut the gem, he was never concerned about the final carat weight; he opted instead to cut for beauty and brilliance, rather than price. “When you focus on the carat weight, it’s only about the money,” said Munsteiner. “I cannot create when I’m worried about the money.”

SOURCE and rest of article: Jewelry Insider

Size comparison - The Dom Pedro aquamarine crystal and faceted gem.
Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution.

The original aquamarine crystal, broken in three places
Photo courtesy of Bernd Munsteiner.

The original aquamarine crystal, broken in three places but lined up together, measured approximately 1 meter in length.
Photo courtesy of Bernd Munsteiner.

Agenor Tavares with the original aquamarine crystal. Photo courtesy of Tony Kampf.

A one of a kind 60lb aquamarine!

Published on Sep 21, 2015
A one of a kind 60lb aquamarine! The birth stone of March, this massive stone, the Dom Pedro, is on display at the Smithsonian in Washington

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Introducing the Dom Pedro Aquamarine